Monday, June 7, 2010

And a Bit More Progress...

Where to begin? Let's see...since my last post (an eternity ago) things have begun to happen at the farm house. I have single-handedly filled 2.5 dumpsters (thus far) with over two tons of rubbish (mostly the junk and detritus that the former residents had squirreled away in attics and basements, and hidden corners). I've have made a good start on the demolition that is needed to remove some insensitive additions to the interior of this beautiful old house (nasty 70s era built-ins, crappy showers that were too small to even get wet in, horrid wire closet systems, manky wall-to-wall carpet, warped and disintegrating fiberboard kitchen cabinets and sink vanities, etc.), and I now wield a 16 pound sledge hammer, crow bar and Sawzall with some considerable skill.
The vegetable garden is in, and the crops (and weeds) are thriving, save the tomatoes, which are a lost cause until I get the Black Walnut trees taken down.
Doing some plaster repair (very little is necessary...hallelujah! the plaster is remarkably tight to the lath), and priming and painting at the moment. This should go a long way toward remedying that charming "SPCA on a hot day" smell left over from the previous residents four poorly (or not-at-all) housetrained dogs.
I've met with the heating and plumbing contractor, and, while it is not a straightforward job, it is at least doable. All it takes is MONEY! And so we wait and hope to sell the other house in Painted Post, so that work can start in earnest.